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We are thrilled to announce to you that we are  now up and running on both Facebook and Twitter! We invite you and encourage you to ‘Like’ and follow along with us for updates regarding business leadership, customer service, client retention and much more! Additionally we want to make this a community where you receive the type of information that you really want – so don’t be shy! Please let us know how we can make our Facebook and Twitter presence as valuable for you as possible.

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Like PerDM Services on Facebook We can offer nationwide coverage of the UK and Ireland and are all first class communicators able to support new customer acquisition, customer retention, product promotion and product utilisation efforts.

Our promises to you:

We will be accessible, compassionate and respectful toward you and your business. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable with us, and with our services.

We will operate with complete openness and integrity. When we design, construct and maintain your customer acquisition program, we will do so with your best interests at heart.

We will provide you knowledge and strategies, supported by sophisticated technology and your plan will be completed in an efficient, timely and meticulous manner.

We will devote the time and energy necessary to fully understand your goals and wishes so we can create a plan that addresses your needs and those of  your business.

We will explain your plan so you will understand how the components fit together and feel confident about the results.

We will strive to be your trusted advisor for as long as you need us. We want you to know you can contact us to discuss any concern. We want to provide value to you and your business for years to come.


PerDM offer our clients a complete donor and new customer acquisition programme tailor made to their individual requirements. We will ensure that budget requirements are met whilst achieving the level of quality our clients demand.

As well as regular contact being available as required with every person within PerDM we offer each client a dedicated Campaign Manager to ensure support is immediately available to help and resolve any issues they may have.

PerDM has gained vast experience in all aspects of direct sales and we are equally as comfortable operating within the door to door arena or the business to business sector as we are within a retail environment, whether that be promoting a product in a shopping mall or working in a well known high street department store alongside our client’s existing sales teams.

We pride ourselves on not only providing acquiring high quality new donor’s and customers but we ensure that everyone who has dealings with our Client embrace the company culture, understand their goals and take the time to understand and act upon the company mission statement as we want all our staff to feel that when they represent a business they are an employee of that client.

From our client’s perspective we remove the costs of using their own sales force and as we charge only for the results achieved this is a financially “risk free” opportunity for businesses to acquire market share without the substantial set up costs this would normally incur. If we do not generate business there is no charge to the client.


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PerDm LogoWe aim to be the UK’s foremost field sales organisation. Delivering high quality results through consistency and reliability.

PerDM Contact Marketing Limited was established in August 2005 in response to the UK markets need for a field sales organisation capable of delivering high quality results with consistency and reliability.

The company was formed by a group of former UK financial services executives and senior executives from the leading North American field sales agency and since 2005 we have continually recruited leading figures from the B2C and B2B business arena.

The company provides a flexible, scalable and highly cost-effective communications resource that can be deployed as a simple extension of, or complement to, a client’s existing sales team. Additionally where a client does not possess such a team then PerDM is able to fulfill that function.

We can offer nationwide coverage of the UK and Ireland and are all first class communicators able to support new customer acquisition, customer retention, product promotion and product utilisation efforts.


PerDM Contact Marketing is growing fast and despite its young age has already secured a client base that reflects confidence in the commitment, knowledge, experience and professionalism of the company and its management team.

Our clients include:

  • Talk Talk
  • Fundraising Initiatives Limited
  • Vodafone
  • Opal
  • EDF Energy
  • Miller Pattison
  • Airtricity
  • Victoria Jackson
  • MBNA
  • Cardcutters